Living Stones Tour 2017 / by Mill VP


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We live in a world defined more and more by opinions and headlines, less and less by shared experience and expertise. We make assumptions about each other based on what we hear, what we read, or what others like us believe. It's hard to break this cycle: to step into a new place, among unfamiliar voices, and listen.

Millennial Voices for Peace wants to make this step available to you.

It's more important than ever for Americans to be familiar with the world of Palestinians and Israelis, not through news headlines, but through personal connections and shared stories.

Americans have engaged in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through decades of diplomacy, financial support and political battles. However, few Americans have ventured to the "Holy Land" to understand the struggles of those living with violence and fear. American churches frequently refer to Israel in a symbolic or historic sense, embracing the "stones" of a land where our faith was born. We are called, however, to embrace the "living stones" of the land: people whose lives are defined by the struggle for dignity and peace.

This summer, Millennial Voices for Peace is partnering with Churches for Middle East Peace and MEJDI Tours, offering you the opportunity to meet these "living stones" and hear their stories of perseverance and peacemaking. We'll learn from communities that seek to "love their enemies" and visit sites like the Mount of the Beatitudes. We'll engage with both Palestinians and Israelis, listening to histories of the conflict from multiple perspectives. We’ll reflect together on our role as peacemakers and servants of the Prince of Peace.

We invite you to take this step with us towards becoming advocates for peace and understanding in an increasingly divisive world. Mark your calendars for June 17-24 and SIGN UP HERE!